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CTS has pioneered a new treatment for coronary artery disease and, with its proprietary technology, is enabling a broad cross-section of surgeons to successfully perform MIDCAB heart surgery.

CTS has developed the first system of single-use tools, the CTS MIDCAB™ System, which enables safe and effective minimally invasive bypass surgery on a beating heart.

The initial CTS MIDCAB System consists of the Access Platform and Stabilizer, which surgeons use to isolate and stabilize a portion of the heart while also providing a direct view of the operating area; the LIMA-Lift,™ a unique spreading system that offsets the chest to provide a window into the chest cavity so the surgeon can efficiently harvest the internal mammary artery (IMA) for use as a bypass conduit around the blocked area; and the LIMA-Loop,™ which enables a surgeon to reach into the chest to help isolate the IMA for harvest. To date, over 2000 procedures have been successfully performed using the CTS MIDCAB system.

Surgical Instruments
Access Platform - Provides access, direct visualization and a secure base for attachment of the Stabilizer.
(click on image to view larger version)
Stabilizer - Assures a quality anastomosis on the beating heart by creating a near motionless graft site.
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LIMA-Lift™ - Facilitates access and visualization of the internal mammary artery. Minimizes body incisions.
(click on image to view larger version)
LIMA-Loop™ - Allows gentle manipulation of the internal mammary artery IMA to facilitate mobilization.
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