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Company ProfileCTS has developed a viable treatment alternative which is changing cardiac bypass surgery. Using the CTS MIDCAB™ System. A surgeon, through a small three-to-four-inch incision can access, harvest, stabilize and bypass diseased coronary arteries while the heart is still beating. CTS is focusing on providing comprehensive education and training for this new treatment alternative through the Comprehensive Optimal Revascularization (CORsm) CORriculum Institutes.

CTS has a dedicated team of engineers working on continued improvements to its current product line and completely new systems for treating cardiovascular disease. The company believes that the importance of the CTS MIDCAB™ procedure will continue to expand.

CTS believes that its surgical solution is creating new, more effective critical pathways to treating coronary artery disease; More Company Profile is an effective treatment alternative that eliminates the trauma and complications of stopped-heart surgery; potentially provides for low reoperation rates and reduces the high costs associated with traditional bypass surgery.

Minimally invasive bypass and the CTS MIDCAB procedure are perfectly suited to meet changing healthcare needs. One of the important contributions the CTS MIDCAB procedure has to offer is a treatment solution for high-risk patients, including those too sick to undergo traditional CABG or PTCA, those who have previously had CABG surgery, or diabetics or patients who have suffered a stroke. Since a greater percentage of the population of the United States is older and living longer, A Lot More Company Profile the necessity of a long-lasting minimally invasive solution to restoring blood flow to the heart is increasing. One of CTS's primary focuses throughout 1997 will be to validate the overall quality of the MIDCAB procedure through a multicenter trial demonstrating MIDCAB's safety and efficacy. This type of trial is an important step in documenting the widespread applicability of the CTS MIDCAB System and procedure.

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